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Connect with others interested in postsecondary education for students with intellectual disability.


Sometimes the best way to learn is simply to connect with others who do what you do. To facilitate this connection, the Think College National Coordinating Center supports online communication – where you can easily reach out to others about a particular topic or area of interest. These online groups are hosted on a real-time chat platform called Slack.

Slack works like an instant messaging board with “channels” that categorize conversation by topic. Everything is easily searchable, and the tool supports direct messaging to any member of the group. These online discussion groups are a place for like-minded (or like-employed) individuals to connect.

Slack offers many helpful tools for new users. Of particular interest may be the app, which can be downloaded on your desktop or any mobile device. Want more help understanding Slack? Get some guidance here.

About the channels

All channels will be moderated and facilitated by Think College staff, who will check in regularly, respond to questions, and encourage cross talk among each group's members. There is a general channel that everyone will be a part of, a TPSID-only channel, and an Intro to Slack channel, as well as topic-specific channels you can join.

Your responsibilities: Basically, we just ask that you play nice! Also, try to stay engaged: these conversations will be more helpful if everyone participates. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Be kind and considerate, and be respectful of others in the group. Conduct yourself as you would in any professional venue.

If you have any issues or questions, contact us. And thanks for joining these conversations!