Think College Publications

Think College is proud to be the leader in research and dissemination in inclusive higher education. We have publications to increase your understanding, inspire your research, and improve your practice of expanding postsecondary education options for students with intellectual disability.

We produce a range of publications on topics related to transition, inclusive higher education, employment, and other topics relevant to your work. See our variety of publication types below, or search the entire resource library.

Insight Brief Publication

Insight Briefs

A detailed discussion of a topic related to higher education for students with intellectual disability. An Insight Brief focuses on policy, research, or practice, and is aimed at an academic audience.

Fast Facts Publication

Fast Facts

A brief synopsis of a study, piece of legislation, or policy or advocacy effort related to higher education for students with intellectual disability. This publication distills a big idea into a smaller, more manageable piece of information for a broad audience. 

Insight Brief Publication

How to Think College

A short, accessible publication with a focus on action. It might be a checklist, set of tips, a template, or other steps that you can put into practice right away.

Think College Stories Publication

Stories about Students

Think College Student Stories and Think College Transition Student Profiles feature student experiences and plans for college success. Focusing on topics like transition planning and goal setting, self-determination, application and acceptance, getting acclimated to college life, academics, work experience, residential life, or developing friendships.

NCC Data Reports

NCC Data Reports

Findings from federally funded model demonstration sites (TPSIDs, or Transition Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability).

Grab and Go Publication

Grab and Go Practices

The Grab and Go series summarizes best practices for coaches and mentors who support dually enrolled students with intellectual disability on college campuses. Addressing a range of topics relevant to dual enrollment, these handouts are meant to be easy to read, practical publications with information that education and employment professionals can easily implement.

Parents Can Think College publication

We Can Think College

These handouts are written for specific audiences to raise awareness and reinforce how they can each “Think College”. Each member of the transition planning/going to college team will have their own [You] Can Think College piece, with relevant statistics, facts, and supporting materials.


We're always looking for new authors and publication ideas.

  • Are you working on an interesting research project, and have data to share?
  • Is your program doing something innovative, fun, or successful?
  • Have you overcome issues or barriers to inclusive higher education?
  • Are you or someone you know a student or faculty member who has a postsecondary experience to share?

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