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About the Institute for Community Inclusion

The Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston promotes full participation for people with disabilities through research, training, consultation, and direct service. Learn about ICI and find directions, job opportunities, contact information, and resources for the media.

Access to Integrated Employment (AIE) Project

For the past 20 years, this project has described the nature of day and employment services for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and contributed to a comprehensive understanding of the factors that influence employment outcomes at an individual, employment support practice, service provider, and state policy level.

Culture Brokering: Workshops to Increase Cultural Competency and Improve Communication

Workshops teach rehabilitation service providers how to bridge the gap between foreign-born consumers and disability services.

Disability and Rehabilitation Research Project on Emerging Disability and Systems Change

Research on how recent policy changes affect people with disabilities who have traditionally not been reached by state human services systems, including people who are underemployed, receive welfare benefits, or belong to cultural minority groups.

Doctoral Concentration in Special Ed & Disability Policy

This concentration addresses special education policy and practice and is designed for educational leaders in school-based management or policy development.

Down Syndrome Program at Children's Hospital Boston

A program for children with Down syndrome from birth to age three.

E-Government for All

This project researches initiatives in the U.S. and U.K. that have successfully equipped disadvantaged groups with the skills and motivation to use the internet, particularly e-government services.

Early Childhood Services

Fellowships at ICI

This year-long fellowship allows people with disabilities or their family members to pursue a research or advocacy project. The goal is to nurture new leaders in the field.

For the Media

Resources, clips, and fact sheets for members of the press. ICI is an internationally known presence in the disability world. Our expert sources can help you shape an article or and give you the context you need to understand new developments.

ICI Employment Services

Information about ICI's employment services for the metro Boston area.

Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities (LEND Program)

Graduate-level, interdisciplinary training in developmental disabilities and public policy.

Linking Hands

A program that raises pediatric residents' awareness of the effect that caring for a child with special health care needs has on families.

Massachusetts Partnership for Youth in Employment

Gathering resources to help youth with disabilities find community jobs statewide

MCAS Alternate Assessment

ICI works with Massachusetts teachers to develop portfolio assessments for students with significant disabilities. These portfolios can meet the requirements of the key state standardized tests if they clearly represent a student's achievements.

Northeast Regional Center for Vision Education

Graduate training for two key vision professions: Teachers of the Visually Impaired, and Orientation and Mobility Specialists.

Partnerships for Employment

This project brought together the housing industry, One-Stop Career Centers, and the Massachusetts state vocational rehabilitation agency to help people with disabilities who live in subsidized housing find jobs

Postsecondary Education & Employment

Initiatives that develop postsecondary education and employment options for students with significant disabilities as they complete high school, and work with college professors to teach students with disabilities.

Project FOCUS Academy

A pilot unified teacher preparation model in which all teachers learn both "general" and "special" education curriculum and instructional methods.

Service Works: An Intervention Study for Youth with Autism

StateData.info: National Data Collection on Day and Employment Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

This long-term research project collects and analyzes data to assess the employment and economic status of people with developmental disabilities state-by-state and nationally. The accompanying StateData.info website allows anyone to chart disability data.

The National Service to Employment Project

Twa Zanmi Project

Studying the immigration experiences of Boston’s Haitian community

US/UK Routes to Work for People with Disabilities

US/UK routes to work for people with disabilities

Vocational Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (VR-RRTC)

The VR-RRTC will conduct research addressing the employment service delivery structures for individuals with disabilities, investigate “best practices” in certain critical areas, and provide training and technical assistance directed at improving VR services and employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

Workforce Development Excellence Initiative

ICI's workforce initiatives and events.

ICI: promoting inclusion for people with disabilities