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Our Mission

Think College provides awareness activities, technical assistance and training and research that supports the expansion and improvement of inclusive higher education opportunities for people with intellectual disability in the US. 

College options for students with an intellectual disability are more widely available than they were in the past. But they're still uncommon: only 6% of colleges and universities offer these opportunities. Parents and students are often unaware of the possibilities that exist, and high school teachers don't focus on preparing students with an intellectual disability for college.

Think College wants to change all that. We want to increase awareness so that more students with intellectual disability can go to college, more high schools are supporting transition into college, and more colleges and universities are opening their doors to students with intellectual disability.


  • Funding statewide capacity building efforts in 13 states in 2017 and 2018
  • Providing technical assistance to nearly 500 customers annually
  • Hosting a current, resource-rich website and maintaining an active social media presence
  • Offering 12-15 webinars annually 
  • Publishing 20-25 reports, fact sheets, and research briefs annually​
  • Presenting at over 25 national and regional disability or higher education related conferences annually
  • Maintaining partnerships with the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, Association of Higher Education and Disability, and PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition & Employment

Your Tax-Free Donation will allow us to:

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Conduct and publish research on outcomes for students with intellectual disability who attend college, and use that information to produce high-quality resources for parents, teachers, and students.


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Support the development of high-quality higher education options across the United States by doing outreach and training for all partners.


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Engage and inform policy makers, legislators, and advocates about the impact college has on students’ lives.


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