For Families

"It took me awhile to really see that college was a possibility for my son but once I talked to another mother, I saw it could happen. I learned that there were people and resources that could help me, guide me. It wasn’t quite as scary knowing that I wouldn’t be alone in this."

For students with intellectual disabilities, low expectations may make college seem like an unattainable goal.   But it is important to consider the broad range of  academic and social opportunities that college offer, and let the choice of what to do after high school be determined by the student's preferences, interests and vision for the future, rather than preconceptions about what they are capable of doing. 

"Why not college?" Hearing yourself say these words may sound awkward at first, but after awhile you will become accustomed to having college as a possibility. Then, when you hear your sons and daughters talk about going to college, you will start saying, "Yes, our son will be going to college next year. Let's figure out how to make it happen!"